So you were just thinking about re-decorating, right? I'm a little late but I thought I'd post the nationally forecasted colors for 2011. When redesigning a space it's best to know what colors have been around for a while so you don't feel the need to change your decor every two years. I haven't seen many changes over the last two years in the color formula, more like transitions in one hue. So you are in luck if you were biting your finger nails over those large purchases you need to make to complete 'the look', go ahead and take the plunge.
Thank goodness some trends stick, otherwise we would all be changing out our Chocolate & Sea Foam Green sofas & duvets by now.
And the main theme this year...Colors are getting bolder and deeper, as you can see below. Even the neutral palette is hitting the same tone. Accessories are the same standout this year with white, white, white.
Check out the color array on our website and see if I'm close to being in-line with the lastest trends.