I don't really want to talk much about me, but a lot of people ask me how I became a potter...So why not make that the very first post of this blog? Don't worry, further commentary will be interior design tips, recipes and some news about the biz sprinkled in.
  I'm one of those people that wants to try everything...so while in college I started studying Management Information Systems...BORRYING, but it did make me pretty computer savvy in the process. I decided to try a Color Theory class and I became very interested in how colors react to your eyes and emotions. Companies tailor their color schemes to 'set a mood' when walking into their stores, browsing their websites or seeing their logo in ads. For example, did you know a bright color of red tends to make people want to eat? And the color yellow acts either as an agressive color in interior environments, but in exterior situations is more cautionary....and what are the two foundation colors we all know for McDonalds logos? hhhhmmmm
  Anywho, from those interesting classes I started to study Fashion & Interior Merchandising, with a focus on the interiors aspect. So I learned everything from textile chemistry to what's fashionable on Europes' runways. During my college years I also worked as a floral designer and fabric consultant. Finally with a diploma in my hand I headed out into the world and tried my hand at everything from merchandising at a Christmas shop, closet organizer sales (hey, the economy was tough), interior designer, textile testing coordinator and a production mananger for a hat company.
  So how does that all bring me to becoming a potter? I like to play in the dirt. I've always been a tomboy and love to go out in my veggetable garden and come inside looking like a wreck with a big satisfactory smile on my face. When you mix these two loves together you get a certified mudslinger. I started taking classes at the local YMCA, and I got hooked. Plus it didn't help that on my first day my instructor said I was a natural for it. Now I'm attending as many workshops as possible and trying to learn things every day from books and websites. I have found my passion in life, only three steps behind my Lord and then my family.
So that's all about me...enough said.