No, not in honor of the controversial romantic movie about two gay cowboys.
Packing up my wares, unloading boxes, tents, table, unpacking boxes, working 12 hour days...2 days straight, packing what didn't sell, tearing down tents, tables, hauling everything back into my basement back is broke. I've been doing this once a month and my chiropractor has some major job security right now.
In the life of a potter, we pick up 50 lb boxes of clay. Slam wads of clay on a table to flatten it. Pick up 50 lb buckets of mushy clay for recycling. Bend over a piece of work at the wheel or table for a half hour.
No one tells you, 'By the way, your body will be under just as much stress as a construction worker.' Whew!
Some times I think 'If only I went back to my desk job'...but then I remember that comes with carpal tunnel too.
So the next time you see a piece of pottery know that we love our work and it wasn't easy to make that perfectly balance piece of art in your hand.