After being stuck inside our nice cool abode with the triple digit heat raging outside, my youngin's and I have read some great books. Below is a great selection of books for the toddler, all the way up to about a 7 or 8 year old.

1. Because a Little Bug went Ka-choo by Rosetta Stone (Dr. Seuss books)
        ~This one is my all time favorite from childhood.

2. Three Little Kittens by Galdone
        ~Another old favorite that you'll have to read over and over again.

3. The Little Engine that could by Watty Piper
        ~This retelling has new illustrations and the kids love all the detail.

4. Diary of a Worm by Cronin
        ~This one will even make you giggle...too funny.

5. Russell the Sheep by Rob Scotton
        ~The illustrations in this one are cute, with a great irony about sheep counting sheep...oops, I might have ruined the

6. Lily the Bear's Big Event by Cindy Terry
        ~This one is about a real event. You can find the book at their website:

7. The Very Hungry Caterpiller by Carle
        ~Toddlers really love this one the best.

8.  Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see? by Carle
        ~Just like the caterpiller one, this one will be read over and over again.

9. Never ride your Elephant to School by Johnson
        ~Just something fun to read that makes no sense.

10. Yes, Please! No, Thank you. by Valerie Wheeler
        ~A silly way to show kids when to use their manners.

11. No More Cookies by Paeony Lewis
        ~I love this one because it describes some of the ways that my kids try to get cookies.

12. The Animals Christmas Eve by Wiersum
        ~I end up reading this one year round, but it is a great story.

13. The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss
        ~Who doesn't like to read about feet?

14. Guess How much I Love You by McBratney
        ~A nice one to read at bedtime.

15. 10 Little Lady Bugs by Girth
        ~A fun way to learn how to count backwards.

16. Go Dog. Go. by Dr. Seuss
        ~I can't even tell you how many times I've read this one. But at least I'm still sane.

17. Click, Clack, Moo. Cows that Type by Cronin
        ~Feisty cows and a typewriter, what could be better?

18. The Best Nest by Dr. Seuss
        ~It is a great book if you can make some sound effects.

19. Shapes and Opposites by Richard Scarrys
        ~A great tool for toddlers and pre-schoolers to learn.

20. Big Dog. Little Dog by Dr. Seuss
        ~ Yep, read this one a million times too.